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COVID-19 Update: 

Since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic Fit by Frank Personal Training is now conducted at Frank Arriola's own personal home gym, in Newport Beach. Frank is fully vaccinated and masks are not required for clients. For more information please send a message below. Thank you!

Note: All programs come with a customized nutrition plan and adjustments are made to this plan based on client’s weekly progress.

  • One on One Personal Training – 1 hour sessions programmed to fit your specific needs and achieving your goals. All sessions are conducted at at trainer's  private home gym in Newport Beach.In home training is also available but hourly rate will depend upon trainer’s commute to client’s residence. Each program is designed to attain the most optimal and SAFE results. Rates vary based on package purchased contact for more information.

  • Group Training (Limit of Two) – 1 hour sessions programmed to fit a group of two individual’s specific needs and goals.  All sessions are conducted at trainer's private home gym in Newport Beach. In home training is also available but hourly rate will depend upon trainer’s commute to client’s residence. Each program is designed to attain the most optimal and SAFE results.  Rates vary based on package decided by both clients; please contact for more information.

  • Online TrainingI have a beginner to intermediate online training program for sale on the TrainHeroic platform. The Fit by Frank Full Body Blueprint (FBB) is a 9 week program that I've compiled based on 8 years of one on one personal fitness training. I have worked with people at all levels of fitness, age, and physical ability, and that experience has helped me develop a comprehensive program for the individual looking for serious improvement in strength, functionality, and appearance. Broken into 3 phases with exercises and modifications that build off of each other, FBB allows you time to learn each movement and see real improvement in 9 weeks. Find out more here:

Football to First Place

Frank Arriola learned at a very young age that the discipline learned in the weight room reflects the discipline required to succeed at life.

An Orange County native, Frank graduated from Mission Viejo High School in 2008 and then spent two years as the starting center at Orange Coast Junior College, before eventually heading to West Texas A&M to continue his education and athletic career.

Being an Offensive Lineman weighing up to 315 lbs, Frank is very aware of the daily struggles that being overweight causes. “I remember struggling to find clothes that fit with the exception of  sweatpants and oversized t shirts. Always being self-conscious, and uncomfortable in my own skin.”  In the summer of 2011 after wrapping up his final year of College football, Frank returned home from West Texas A&M on a journey that few believe would be possible. To go from severely overweight to ripped!

Frank describes the following 16 months with the struggles that his clients often relay to him. “It was a constant issue of starting and stopping. A lot of trial and error, but eventually I found a routine; a plan that worked best for me at that time and the weight started dropping almost systematically.”

By the 2nd of 2012, While working full time and going to school full time, he had lost over 115 lbs to a very lean 200 lbs!

However, the Journey was just beginning; after staying in shape for over 2 years, Frank decided to dedicate himself even further and entered his first men’s physique competition in August 2014 where he took first in his class and became a nationally qualified competitor. Shortly after, Frank realized that he wanted to spread this message to others, and help them become transform their lives just as he had done. After his competition, Frank obtained his certifications as a NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer, and NAFC Nutrition Coach, and has since been training clients in the Orange County area.  Since then, he has obtained credentials as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a Pain Free Performance Specialist (PPSC), and Bio Mechanics Specialist (BMS). 


“I firmly believe that If I could do it, anyone can. Because of my background, and the story I have; I bring a certain authenticity to Personal Training. I have dealt with and keenly remember the struggles my clients deal with. My goal is to guide you through your own journey and share the principles and discipline required to transform your fitness, in turn transforming every facet of your life.”- Frank Arriola



"I am so thankful for his motivation and support! He is genuinely interested in my success, and he pushes me to be my best! I have never felt more motivated to change, be consistent, and work hard to get where I want to be and feel HEALTHY!" - Natalia A
"It's hard work, it's a challenge, it's a commitment, but it is beyond worth it.  Not only do I feel great and look great, everyday I learn how to push myself to be better and work harder in every aspect of my life.  Because I chose to go on this adventure with frank my life has become so much better."- Emily H
"For anyone looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Frank Arriola.  I have been working with Frank for the past 8 months and have lost 35+ lbs, have a 36 waist, and have significantly increased my strength.  Frank is a fully certified trainer and also provides reasonable nutritional guidance to help you attain your weight/fitness goals."- Joel S.
"Following Frank's advice on nutrition, moving from steady pace cycling to interval cycling on my non-training days, and increasing my training days to 3 times per week, I've been able to decrease my A1C from 9, which is very high to 5.5 in less than a year, build muscle that I've never had before and reduce fat."- Steven C
 "I told him about problems I've been having with my back and he tailored workouts that have helped strengthen my back and get me in shape. He really listens. "-Megan G
"It truly does not get better than Frank if you're looking to up your fitness game. He is approachable, knowledgable, and (most importantly) makes every session fun and something to look forward to. Frank customized all my sessions to my level and it felt like we rarely even repeated exercises over the course of weeks."- Amanda M
"If you're looking for results and building yourself up mentally, physically and emotionally then you have to work out with Frank. He truly is the best in the industry."-Shiv B
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